Finding Middle Ground

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Finding Middle Ground


Aaron Staeheli

Date Created



Double Triangle Blue, Single Triangle Yellow, Single Circle Red, Extreme Right Wing, Appreciate/Diversity, Extreme Left Wing

Street signs/spray paint/multi media

Type of Work

Mixed media


Finding Middle Ground

Artist Statement

This series concerns Cultural Appropriation, or at least that was the original intent. After an unsuccessful attempt to express this through paintings I started a new project from scratch and simplified. Interestingly nought I found myself falling into the realm of politics thinking of how many rules and restrictions there are; left wing; right wing; strongly against, strongly opposed. In 1971 a band called “Five Man Electrical Band,” released a song called “signs,” about how everywhere you look there are more signs telling us what to do and how to think. It reminded me that everyone has an opinion, a choice, and a voice. Everyone has the right to express what they think and shouldn’t be told that they are wrong. One could strongly disagree with them and that is because they, too, have an opinion.


Aaron Staeheli


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