Amanda Vergara

Body of Work, Amanda Vergara, Inkjet print on transparency and mirrors.

Artist Statement:

Body of Work explores the personal struggle between how one sees themselves and the meta-perception of how one believes others see them.

Through recent years the inspiration for my work has emerged from personal interactions with others. Body of Work is different because I display the personal interaction with my own body physically and mentally. The process of taking these photographs of myself was difficult and although I was reassured that I looked great, there was still this apprehension in my head that everyone who will be viewing these images will have a negative outlook on them like I do.

By having the two images, the manipulated and the original, across from each other it plays with the idea of this constant pull between what I believe society perceives versus the actuality. Mirrors and reflections are everywhere. Whether one chooses to look at it or not is up to a person’s discretion. Mirrors can reflect vanity or insecurities. Originally intended to reflect an image back, by placing an image on the mirror, it forces the viewer to look closer and reconsider what it is they are looking at. Although a person is able to view themselves through the image, they are interrupted and distorted with the transparency in between. Each mirror that is directly across from one another originates from the same image. When looking at a mirror with another mirror directly across, it appears to repeat itself which eventually distances itself from reality until the image is no longer perceivable.

One side holds the manipulated image to project the meta-perceptions of society’s presence. The original image that it stems from is placed on the opposite wall and consumes the manipulated image that is directly across. The manipulated image that I have created is the meta-perception. It is no longer just a stomach, arm or back, it is now a distorted and grotesque image. The body is not really attached to anybody anymore. It is merely just a piece of flesh. As someone living in a world where social media is at their fingertips, insecurities rise as the ideal man or woman engross the news feed. Users are influenced to morph and change the way they look through technology to form a better physical self. In this case, I use technology for the complete opposite. The original image creates an uncomfortable feeling for myself but by having the manipulated image, it creates a more distorted presence to represent the idea of my meta-perception towards my own body.

The work that I have created deals with a personal battle that I have always had with myself. Each image shown on the mirror is an area of my body that creates a personal dissatisfaction. There are days where looking at your own reflection can be hard yet nearly impossible to avoid. In the end, this process created a self-realization in a more positive light. While viewing Body of Work I hope to influence viewers to leave the area deep in thought about their own reflection.


Amanda Vergara